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FEB 16, 2012 
Free Culture Tools [Lecture] Department of Fine Arts, University of the Philippine Baguio, PH
NOV 26, 2011 [Artist Talk] MoTA Space, Ljubljana, SI
NOV 23, 2011 Climax: L’Amour De Phobie Kino Siska, Ljubljana, SI
NOV 17, 2011 [Live Set]  Havijaz#55, Szabad az Á…, Budapest, HU
JAN 22, 2011 [Artist Talk & Live Set] BEDROOMLAB, Clockwork, Baguio City, PH
AUG 7, 2010 [Artist Talk & Live Set] BEDROOMLAB.02, Espasyo Siningdikato, Cavite, PH
AUG 3, 2010 [Live Set] BEDROOMLAB.01, Mag:net Cafe Katipunan, Manila, PH
SEP 13-14 2010 Academic Noises [Lecture] University of Lasalle Lipa, Batangas, PH
MAY 6, 2010 Treatment for Film [in 9 Scenes] Sound Lab, Instinc Art Space, SG
MAY 2, 2010 Treatment for Film [in 9 Scenes] Rooted in Ephemeral Speak, Substation, SG
JAN 25, 2010 [Artist Talk & Live Set] Art Kill Art Label, La Société de Curiosités, Paris, FR
JAN 17, 2010 unalphabetic:frequency:modules Astronomical Frontiers, BKS-Garage, Copenhagen, DK
JAN 17, 2010 Our Work and Why We Do it [Lecture] Astronomical Frontiers, BKS-Garage, Copenhagen, DK
JAN 11, 2010 [Artist Talk] UPGRADE! Paris, Ars Longa Gallery, FR
JAN 10, 2010 Transmissions Gangan [Gangan Ensemble Paris] UPGRADE! Paris, Ars Longa Gallery, FR
NOV 28 2009 [Lecture] International Market Place for Digital Arts (IMDA), CIMATICS, Brussel, BG
NOV 11 2009 [Live Set] Manila Night, Cross Club, Prague, CZ
NOV 11, 2009 [Lecture] Digilab, Academy of Fine Arts (AVU), Prague, CZ 
NOV 5 2009 Gangan System [Gangan Ensemble Ljubljana] MoTA Kinozvočenja, Jakopičeva Galerija, Ljubljana, SI
NOV 2, 2009 Open Sound Lab [Live Set and Artist Talk] X-OP Residency, MMC KIBLA, Maribor, SI
SEP 25, 2009 Red in My Head [Live Set] Red in My Head Formula 1 Party, St. James Power Station, SG
AUG 30, 2009 [Live Set] ++++UPLOAD Ver.01, Sculpture Square, SG
AUG 1-8 2009 ASEUM off-site meeting (Asia-Europe New Media Symposium) Cellsbutton 3, Jogjakarta, ID
JUL 21-25 2009 ASEUM (Asia-Europe New Media Symposium) ASEUM, Manila, PH
JAN 10, 2009 Transmissions Gangan [Gangan Ensemble with Chris Brown] Cubao X, Manila, PH
JAN 8-9, 2009 Transmissions Gangan [Workshops] Open Studio Sessions, Greenpapaya, Manila, PH
OCT 26, 2008 [Live Set] Choppa Concert Series, Night and Day, SG
JUN 28, 2008 Newtopia: This is not a Rock Opera 4th Virgin Lab, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, PH
AUG 17 2008 Rotation of 8 [Gangan Ensemble Indonesia] Cellsbutton 2, Jogjakarta, ID
AUG  13 2008 Gangan Series [Artist Talk] Cellsbutton 2, Jogjakarta, ID
APR 5, 2008 [Live Set] Whitespace Gallery 1 Year Anniversary, Bangkok, TH
MAR 21-30 2008 Khaosan Road [Collab] Asia-Europe New Media Art Camp, Re-Vision BKK, BKK, TH
APR 23 2008 [Live Set] Minus 10 Decibels, NMAM, Mogwai, Manila, PH
SEP 26 2007 [Live Set] Electronic Sound Conference I, NMAM, Club Dredd, Manila, PH
JUL 24 2007 Rotation of 9 [Motzkin Gangan Ensemble] Happy Tengal Day, Mag:net The Fort, Manila, PH
APR 19-22 2007 [Live Set] Tupada Performance Art Festival, CCP & VOCAS, Mnl/Baguio, PH

Curatorial and Producer Duties-
DEC 8-18 2011 Fete dela WSK!: Festival for Contemporary Electronic Art and Digital Culture    Light and Space Contemporary / Nova Gallery / Ronac Art Center, Manila
OCT 11-16 2011 SONICA: International Festival for Transitory Art [Guest Curator] Kino Siska, Ljubljana, SI
FEB 25 2011 Fete dela WSK! x Ax(is) Art Project (11th Baguio International Art Festival)       Burnham Park, Baguio City, PH
JUN 2010-DEC 2011 BEDROOMLAB: Lecture Series Various Venues, Manila & Baguio City, PH
NOV 11-18 2010 Fete dela WSK!: Festival for Post-Music and Sonic Bricolage Various Venues, Manila
NOV 11-18 2010 “From Here to Ear” Exhibition at Fete dela WSK! Outerspace Gallery, Manila
JUL 20-25 2009 ASEUM: Asia-Europe New Media Art Symposium UP Diliman / Lasalle Dasma / Lasalle School of Design and Arts, Manila
JUL 20-25 2009 EAR 2 EYE: Festival for cutting edge AV concerts Various Venues, Manila
OCT 14-15 2008 Fete dela Wasaque: Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Visual Art     Mag:net Cafe Katipunan / Greenpapaya Art Projects, Manila
MAR 14 2008 National Commission for Culture and Arts’ Sinemusikalye Remedios Circle, Manila
JAN 15 2008 “Sunday Mass” Mag:net Cafe Katipunan, Manila
JUNE 2007 “My Shoegazing Experience” Album by Arvie Bartolome
APR 2007 “Head Ego” Album by Arvie Bartolome
APR 20 2007 “Conductors of the Pit” Mag:net Cafe Katipunan, Manila
NOV 4 2006 “Visual Silences” Future Prospects, Manila
OCT-DEC 2005 S.A.B.A.W. Experimental Music Monthly Concerts Mag:net Cafe Katipunan, Manila

MAY 13 2011 CMYKBWMONO Thread on Frame, White Rabbit, SG
JAN 25-FEB5 2009 Manila’s Dark Room [Collab] Signals: Hungry Ghosts, Haunted House, IFFR, Rotterdam, NL
JAN 24 2010 Electromagnetic Society [quad ver.] UPGRADE! Paris, LA GÉNÉRALE, Paris, FR
AUG 20-21 2008 Serangga Cellsbutton 2, Indonesian French Institute (LIP), Jogjkarta, ID

DEC 2008  Improvisations on acoustic environments Tengal - Goh Lee Kwang - Arvie Bartolome
JUL 2007 Cinema for the Ear I (Music for Films 2005-2007) Tengal
DEC 2006 The Way of attainment of genius or godhead considered as a EAT TAE
development of the human brain… (EP)
JUL 2006 S.A.B.A.W. An Anthology of Noise, Electronic, and Experimental Music Various Artists
JUL 2006 (SBS) Sequential Boredom Series: Drones for the Bored Tengal
AUG 2005 Feet Conjoined Hands Tengal - Thomas McWalter - Pow Martinez

*in other people’s works:
JAN 2009 “Manila’s Dark Room”, sound installation conceptualized by Lav Diaz for the International Film Festival Rotterdam
JAN 2008 “Kacha Kacha” in (Surreal Random MMS Texts for a Mother, a Sister, and a Wife who longs for You: Landscape with Figures) a short film by Chris 
SEP 2006 “Godhead” by EAT TAE featured in Yason Banal’s installation “Dancing Sons (Tropic of Virgo)” at Singapore Biennale
FEB 2006 3 Tracks from S.A.B.A.W. double-disc anthology featured in “Le Munkee”, dance performance by Swiss dancer, Paulo Dos Santos

40 mins, OCT 2011  Climax: episode Stigma, commissioned during artist-in-Residency in Museum of Transitory Art, Ljubljana Slovenia
3 mins, APR 2011  CYMKBWMONO, commissioned by Them.sg for Thread on Frame exhibition
35 mins, JUL 2010 Treatment for Film [in 9 scenes], live cinema commissioned by Rooted in Ephemeral Speak
45 mins, APR 2010  Climax: episode L'amour de Phobie, commissioned by Museum of Transitory Art and SABAW Media Art Kitchen (Dir. Martin Bricelj and Tengal Drilon)
360 mins, APR 2009  Situations of the Flesh (Dir. Tengal), commissioned by NCCA, installation work (post-production)
100 mins, DEC 2008  Kolorete (Dir. Ruelo Lozendo), Cinema One feature, Sound director/Sound designer 
480 mins, DEC 2008  Melancholia (Dir. Lav Diaz), Digital feature; Actor/Sound Artist (Self)
570 mins, DEC 2007  Death in the Land of Encantos (Dir. Lav Diaz), Digital feature; Sound designer
6 mins, 2006  Long Live Filipino Cinema (Dir. Raya Martin), Digital short; Sound designer 
95 mins, 2006  Autohystoria (Dir. Raya Martin), Digital feature; Sound designer
90 mins, 2006  Squatterpunk (Dir. Khavn dela Cruz), Digital feature; Composer
570 mins, 2006  Heremias (Dir. Lav Diaz), Digital feature; Actor (Junky Teen)/Composer/Sound Designer
110 mins, 2005 Todo Todo Teros (Dir. John Torres), Digital feature; Lead Actor (The Terrorist)/Composer/Sound Designer
74 mins, 2006  Bahag Kings (Dir. Khavn dela Cruz), Digital feature;  Actor (King Orange)/Composer/Sound Designer/Cinematographer
75 mins, 2005  Idol: Bida/Kontrabida (Dir. Khavn dela Cruz), Digital feature; Composer/Musical Director 
74 mins, 2005  Three Days of Darkness: Zero (Dir. Khavn dela Cruz), Digital Feature; Production designer, Composer, Sound Designer, Actor (Lady in Pink)
80 mins, 2005 Las Ponggols (Dir. Sigfried Sanchez), Digital Feature; Actor (Member of the Rebels, The Brockas)
60 mins, 2003 Haus op Sing (Dir. Roxlee), Digital Feature; Actor (Self)

Fellowships, Residencies, Education-
Artist-in-Residence in Museum of Transitory Art (MoTA), Ljubjana, SI Oct - Dec 2011
Artist-in-Residence in Multimedia Center KIBLA, Maribor, SI Oct - Nov 2009
Workshop on new media art and interactivity, Bangkok, TH Mar 2008
4th Berlinale Talent Campus, Berlin, DE Feb 2006